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Veröffentlicht: 11 Mai 2021
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Developer: Triple Cyclone
Publisher: Triple Cyclone
Platform: PC
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        Über dieses Spiel

        Easily improve your mental well being

        Enjoy the benefits of healthy meditation practices in this unique game! Discover new ways to gain inner peace and relaxation. Rediscover the joy of life and the joy of being.
        The innovative quick meditation series offers you a convenient way of practicing daily! In a mater of 10-20 minutes you’ll reap the rewards from carefully selected meditation techniques!

        Why I built this game for you and me

        I made this game to help me with my overall mental state. In it I’ve put the best meditation techniques I’ve been taught and some discovered on my own. It’s like a gym with various machines, but for your mind. Just like a gym I’ve designed it to be as pleasant and as efficient as possible.

        It’s just a part of the answer

        It’s not a miracle cure or &quota fast way to reach Nirvana in just 10 minutes&quot. It’s there to help you but it won’t do your work for you. It will however make the practice of meditation easier and more pleasant!


        Suffering comes in many forms but mental suffering is the most widespread. Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Worry, Grief, a huge amount of mental illnesses (OCD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Psychoses, etc).
        Meditation and other mindfulness techniques can and will reduce the amount of mental suffering. These techniques, once learned, will stay with you forever. They will help you enjoy a more peaceful and happier life.

        Gamitate is designed to help you in 2 ways:

        1) Teach you as many techniques as possible in an easy and FUN way.
        2) Provide you with a pleasant environment to practice various meditation and mindfulness techniques. 
        The techniques taught in this game come from a variety of sources: personal experiences, books, articles, etc. Some of them will work better for you than others. We’re all cut from a different cloth so it’s perfectly normal. 
        You don’t need to “master” each and every meditation technique. Just go through them all and stick with the ones that work best in your specific case. 


        Meditation doesn’t replace medication and therapy. 
        If you suffer from a mental illness visit a mental health specialist, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. Don’t stop taking your prescribed medication unless your doctor tells you to. 
        It may be tempting to try to “cure yourself” through meditation but it’s always a bad idea, especially if you suffer from a serious mental disorder. 
        Please be aware that there are a handful of articles and studies which say that for a small number of people meditation may be harmful. If you experience negative side effects from meditation please STOP immediately.

        System requirements


        • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 x64
        • Prozessor: 2 Ghz
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 2048 MB RAM
        • Grafik: OpenGL 3
        • Speicherplatz: 4 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz

        • Betriebssystem: Windows 10 x64
        • Prozessor: 3 Ghz
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 4096 MB RAM
        • Grafik: OpenGL 3
        • Speicherplatz: 4 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
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