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Veröffentlicht: 28 Juli 2015
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Developer: Puny Human
Publisher: Puny Human
Platform: PC
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        Über dieses Spiel

        Galacide combines the frenzied action of classic space shooters with the focused, fast-thinking tactics of puzzlers. Choose from a variety of ships, each equipped with unique features and abilities. Embark on your mission to tunnel through the strengthening alien invasion, find the source, and save the galaxy! Go it alone or assemble a squad of your friends to battle in the most unforgiving corners of the universe!

        In Galacide, you must carefully strike a balance between fighting the enemy and tunneling through the encroaching Bitwall, as neglecting either will assuredly result in your demise. It’ll take a combination of skill, luck, and an advanced spacecraft to ensure your success, so choosing the right craft for your piloting style is key:

        • Mining Ship – A retrofitted asteroid mining vessel, this ship has a solid balance of agility, strength, and firepower, and is equipped with a powerful tractor beam used to pull in enemy Scrap.
        • Freighter – A re-purposed cargo-hauler, this ship may not be the fastest or hit enemies the hardest, but it’s as durable as they come, with the ability store &amp retrieve enemy scrap in its cache.
        • Phase Ship – A top-secret military experiment, this ship is able to move extraordinarily fast and temporarily phase through the Bitwall, while dodging enemy attacks.
        • Military Ship – The accepted standard for military conflict, this ship boasts huge strength and firepower. Homing missiles lock on targets, and the ability to burst through the Bitwall, carving its own path.

        As part of your mission to eradicate the alien invasion, you will journey across the galaxy and visit unique destinations like asteroid fields, planets, mining depots, and junk yards – Each location bringing you one step closer to finding the invasion’s source!

        Galacide is regularly updated with improvements and new features, and currently has the following functionality:

        • 4 Player Co-op – Enlist the aid of your comrades in your fight to save the galaxy, with 4 player local co-op!
        • Campaign – Fight your way through unique environments and challenges to discover the source of the alien scourge and eliminate it!
        • Endless Play – See how far you can make it fighting through endless hordes of enemies and tunneling through the advancing bitwall!
        • Puzzle Play – Complete progressively more difficult scenarios that challenge your mind, not your trigger finger!
        • 4 Playable Ships – Choose from the Mining Ship, Freighter, and Phase Ship, each equipped with special abilities and unique attributes!
        • In-game Tutorial – Become an ace pilot by going through a quick training program.
        • Leaderboards – Track your skills and see how you compare to your friends and the best pilots in the universe!
        • Steam Economy – Achievements, Trading Cards, Badges and collectible Emoticons.

        Puny Human is an independent studio, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a passion for games and game development. Since 2007, we’ve worked hard make the kinds of games we love to play, such as Dystopia, Blade Symphony, and, most recently, Galacide! To learn more about us and what we do, checkout our website, or catch up with us @PunyHuman!

        System requirements


        • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 64-bit
        • Prozessor: Dual-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 6 GB RAM
        • Grafik: nVidia Geforce or AMD Radeon, 1 GB GDDR5 or greater, 900 MHz memory speed
        • DirectX: Version 10
        • Speicherplatz: 1200 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz

        • Betriebssystem: Windows 8 64-bit
        • Prozessor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 3.0 GHz or faster
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 8 GB RAM
        • Grafik: nVidia Geforce or AMD Radeon, 2 GB GDDR5 or greater, 3 GHz memory speed
        • DirectX: Version 11
        • Speicherplatz: 1200 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
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