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Veröffentlicht: 27 August 2021
Webseite: zur Website
Entwickler: James Stringer
Publisher: Digital Crypt
Plattform: PC
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        Über dieses Spiel

        Your Omega protection has been stolen. Attempt to escape the first signs of madness, in a hard, unforgiving, 2D platformer. Inspired by classics such as Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, with a modern twist. Face the darkness, escape The Madness.

        • 28 levels of The Madness: 9 normal, 9 dark curse variations, 9 madness variations and a hidden level for those who enjoy the rain!
        • A haunting soundtrack by &quotLast Child Left&quot, including his beautifully melancholy &quotMoonlight Sonata&quot remake!
        • Retro inspired gameplay with some comforting modern additions.

        Face The Madness on three distinct difficulty modes:

        • Easy Difficulty – Face The Madness with two lives but gain an additional life after each level completion, until you reach the dark curse level variations
        • Normal Difficulty – Face the madness with three lives and escape both normal and dark curse level variations
        • Madness Difficulty (unlocked by beating The Madness on normal difficulty) – Face The Madness with just one life and play through The Madness level variations

        System requirements


        • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
        • Betriebssystem: Windows 7
        • Prozessor: 2 GHz Dual Core
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
        • Grafik: Intel HD Graphics
        • Speicherplatz: 100 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
        • Zusätzliche Anmerkungen: With the most basic versions of Intel HD Graphics, some visual effects may not be present, but gameplay is unaffected.

        • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
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