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Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Plattform: PC
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        Über dieses Produkt

        PARTHIAN WARS is a historical operational strategy game with simultaneous turns (WEGO system) that places you in command of Rome or their Eastern nemesis, the Parthians (from 53BC to 197AD).
        You play the part of the military and political leadership, guiding your nation to victory, through some of the toughest conflicts of the Ancient world, represented by 5 challenging scenarios.

        • Setting: the game area covers all of the ancient Middle East, from Byzantium to the wild mountains of Persia and the Caucasus in the north, and the Arabian deserts and Persian Gulf in the south.
        • Scenarios: 4 historical scenarios and 1 hypothetical scenario:
          The Carrhae Campaign 53BC
          Marcus Antonius 40 BC
          Traianus Imperator 114 AD
          Severus Strikes Back 197 AD
          What if Caesars Revenge 44 BC
        • Historical leaders and units: Over 200 new historical leaders and units added to an already rich Alea Jacta Est database
        • Production: control the production and recruitment of your nation.
        • Regional Decision Cards: Regional decisions allow the game to model special case events that cannot be covered well by general system, for example events such as Slave Revolts, Siege works, Traitors opening gates and Nomadic raids. Used wisely the cards can change the flow of a campaign.
        • Detailed game model: The engine models a host of factors in great detail including Weather, Attrition, Sieges, Supply and Fog of War to give a realistic picture of the ancient world.
        • Historical Events and Options are triggered throughout the game giving the player crucial decision points such as local uprising or diplomatic matters.
        • Original Aleas such as heat waves, mosquitoes or pestilence appear.
        • Technology over time the technologies available will be upgraded using the event system.

        System requirements


        • Betriebssystem: Windows Vista/7/8/10
        • Prozessor: Pentium IV 1800+ MHz
        • Arbeitsspeicher: 1 MB RAM
        • Grafik: 128MB DirectX 9.0c Dedicated Video Card
        • DirectX: Version 9.0c
        • Speicherplatz: 67 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
        • Soundkarte: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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